How educational systems respond to diversity, inclusion and social justice

By Navin Kikabhai, School of Education, University of Bristol


Navin Kikabhai (University of Bristol) is collecting information for a research article to understand the challenges of public/academic engagement, and examine understanding and perspectives about the topic of conversation. Watch the video presentation ‘How educational systems respond to diversity, inclusion and social justice’, and answer a short questionnaire.

How educational systems respond to diversity, inclusion and social justice

Hello! I am currently gathering data about higher education and how they respond to issues of diversity, inclusion and social justice. I want to invite you to complete a questionnaire. Recently I wrote an article and created two videos about the issues. I want to get your viewpoints and experiences about higher education participation. I also want to better understand whether universities are effective in terms of public engagement.

I previously delivered a seminar/presentation about ‘How Educational Systems Respond to Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice’, and you may have attended this either online, or in-person. Whether you attended the previous seminar/presentation or whether you are reading this for the first time I have created two videos; so that you can have access to the information, and a questionnaire to gather your viewpoints and experience.

I have created a short video (3 mins); a visual summary, and a longer video (50 mins) discussing the issues of the article in more detail. I have provided timings for each of the 7 sections (in the description box) of the article on the video, and hopefully this will help to keep your place if you decide to take a break! Below you will find a link to the academic article, and links to the two videos. You should also find a link to the questionnaire form so that you can respond to the questions in your own time. The questions are related to the issues discussed in the journal article. It begins with some general questions about who you are.

The article discusses several issues related to higher education and diversity, inclusion and social justice. It raises questions about who they include and who they exclude. It focuses on disability, how disabled people are excluded and seldom part of making change in education and argues that disability is often erased from diversity discussions. Using different ways of thinking about disability and higher education, it recognizes larger patterns of inequality.

Short video

Here is the short video (3 mins):

Long video

Here is the link to the longer video (50 mins):

NB: Please watch on YouTube to activate chapter timings


Here is a link to the questionnaire:

This questionnaire should take you about 10 – 15 mins to complete.

Thank you!