A Day In The Life: School of Education international student Paweena

Day in the life of student PaweenaHi! My name is Paweena Sribuachum. I am an MSc Education student at the School of Education, University of Bristol.

My pathway is MSc Education Leadership and Policy. I was awarded the Chevening Scholarship and I came to the University of Bristol to experience a valuable opportunity in my life.

A Day in my Life

My ‘Day in the life’ in Bristol starts with waking up in the morning (some days late!) after trying to do a ton of pre-reading activities last night. The tutors recommend that it should be selective. I follow their advice, and found I like it. Then having a cup of coffee, dress, and go to school by climbing up the hill for my morning exercise. In case of oversleeping, I catch a bus instead!

Helen Wodehouse Building in Berkeley Square, The School of Education, University of Bristol
Helen Wodehouse Building in Berkeley Square, The School of Education, University of Bristol

Classes start

When I arrive the SOE, I like the building sign on the entrance since I feel like a powerful day today. After that, I head to the class, greeting the tutors and friends. I love the ways tutors treat us in the class. They are almost like facilitators, rather than teachers. They inform, lead, support and encourage students to think and learn new things critically. It is quite different from my own country.

Afternoon activities

In the afternoon, it is easy to grab a cup of favourite coffee from a coffee machine in the SOE. Maybe you love the aromas of coffee like I do?  After finishing classes, I enjoy spending time in the SOE library on the ground floor since the librarian is helpful. Then it’s time to walk down the hill to explore new shops along the way home.

School of Education library
School of Education library

Relaxing into my evening

Sometimes I go to the city centre, to have a meeting with friends. Some days I walk up the hill to have a picnic in the park. I adore the stunning view at the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

In brief, I would have to say that I love my days in the life in Bristol. I enjoy discussing in the class, making new friends from around the globe, trying local food, writing a postcard to my dear ones, and exploring new places in the UK. I am grateful for my Scholarship, and the great opportunity to live and learn for a year to have one of my unforgettable ‘Days in the Life’.

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